Making Thinner Strips of Wood

By Scott Conner

Great Plains IPMS


This method came to me while I was making a wood box to strap on my T-34. I made one box with the thinnest bass wood they had, 1/32." After making it, it looked way too thick for the scale. I had to make the wood thinner.

I took two pieces of brass rod that were of a smaller diameter than the wood was thick. I sandwiched the wood between the two brass rods. Then using a chisel blade in my Exacto knife, I started in the middle and pushed the blade forward. The thickness of the brass rods determined how deep the blade went. I used my thumbnail as a stopper for the blade and to hold the wood and brass rods, probably not the best idea! I then reversed the wood and thinned it the other way. Viola! Instant thin wood!

Of course, my first attempt was not near thin enough. So I grabbed two more thinner brass rods and repeated the process. Much better. These were then glued together with Elmer’s glue (gluing on the inside only), latches and hinges made from PE leftovers or plastic strip and rod, painted, and tied to the vehicle.

There you have a nice, quick, easy way to make more realistic wooden containers. There is nothing better to make a wooden object out of than wood itself!

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