Club Membership

Please note that club membership is NOT required in order to attend meetings. Anyone with an interest in Plastic Modeling is invited and encouraged to attend and participate in meetings.

Privileges of Membership

You must be a member to hold office or to vote for Officers during the annual elections. Club members are also allowed to vote on any other business affecting the club.

Responsibilities of Membership

Members are rquired to attend at least four meetings per year to keep their membership current. Members are also expected to volunteer whenever possible to help with organizing and running any club sponsered contests or other events.

Becoming a Member

You can become a member of IPMS Great Plains two ways:

1. By joining IPMS-USA. Joining our parent organization will automatically make you a member of our chapter.

2. If you do not wish to join the National organization, you may pay a $10.00 annual fee to join IPMS Great Plains

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