Early model Pzkpfw38t, 7th Pz. Div. France 1940. This division was commanded by Erwin Rommel and participated in the drive through the Ardennes that cut off the BEF and led to the British withdrawal from Dunkirk. The Pz 38t was a czech design. The basic chassis contined to form the basis of several self-propelled guns until the end of the war.

This a 1:16th scale resin and photoetch kit from a Korean company called SOL and is easily the biggest P.O.S. I've ever built. The kit had several missing parts including the upper hull plate over the transmission which had to be fabricated from styrene stock along with several mis-shapen and warped pieces. The mud (used mainly to hide flaws in the tracks) was made from flour, water, and watercolor paint.

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