King Tiger


Tiger II, 503rd Hvy Tank Battalion, Mailly le Camp, France , July 1944. I chose to model this tank because I wanted to do the standard three tone camoflage, and also wanted one that had a soft edge to the colors so I wouldn't have to mask it. This is tank #323. The kit had decals for a tank #332 from a different unit so I was able to use the kit decals by simply rearranging the numbers.

Trumpeter 1:16. This is the "special edition" kit that has clear parts for the turret and upper hull allowing you to see at least some of the full interior. Even with the clear parts, there are enough internal bulkeads and armor plates that even if you didn't paint over any of the clear areas, there would still be large chunks of the interior that would be hidden - particularly the entire engine compartment. I decided to leave the left side of the hull and turret clear and to finish the entire right side. The zimmerit was done using standard spackling paste. I rolled an idlergear from an old electric motor over it to create the grooved texture.

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