P40-B flown by Charles Older with the "Flying Tigers" 3rd SQ. "Hell's Angels". Kunming, China. May 1942. The Tigers original aircraft were intended to be exported to the British and thus were painted in British colors of the period (except for using light grey on the bottom instead of Robin's egg blue) and originally had British roundels. These were overpainted with Chinese markings and the aircraft were then numbered sequentially on the fuselage. The tiger mouths were all handpainted and varied on each aircraft. The "flying tiger" emblem on the fuselage sides were decals sent to the unit from the US after they became famous in the first few weeks of the war.

This 1:24 kit is the first release by Vintage Fighter Group. It is basically an upscaling of the Trumpeter 1:32 kit and has the same inacurracies. The propellor in particular was unusable without much putty and reshaping and the drop tank was a monstrosity. Fortunately, the AVG's aircraft were not equipped to carry drop tanks, So I didn't have to use it.

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